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Can you have more than one love?

Web posted on March 25, 2020

I believe I've fallen ion love with Pluto.

No, not the planet, nor Disney's dog. But a dog, indeed.

I'm worried my significant other would not understand. And, I still love her, too.

You see Pluto is a 13-year-old Schnauzer with a heart of gold, an innate sense of humour and a desire to help all of us who are trapped by being self-isolated during the Covide-19 crisis.

I'm not alone in my adoration of Pluto.

She's caught the hearts of many around the world who are suffering boredom and needed a bit of humour to make their day. Within the first few days of appearing on youtube her view on life and the stresses of battling the virus went from zero to more than 3 million hits.

Timing is everything in life. I hope this is not just a one-shot 15 minutes of fame. Pluto deserves better.

There are efforts to create a youtube channel for the mighty mite so her philosophy on life and her concerns on how to stay healthy in the battle against Covid-19 reach an audience.

Pluto's "mother" appeared on the CBC's National last night with excerpts of the canine's thoughts and unique spoken English.

And, her fan mail keeps coming. A writer in Rome thanked Pluto in an email for allowing her to smile for the first time since the virus struck Italy.

Also thanking her a battalion of professional health care workers, including doctors, who support Pluto's efforts to advise on hand-washing, social distance and ways to reduce boredom.

But she isn't perfect. She admitted on camera that she doesn't quite understand the hoarding and concern about toilet paper.

After all, she doesn't use it, and her Mom usually clips the hair on her that takes away any need for toilet paper. Besides, Covid-19 doesn't require toilet paper in great quantities since it doesn't affect the digestive system to any degree.

If you want to view her videos, Google "pluto dog" and a search page will appear with a link.

Or, and I haven't used these sites yet, you can reach her at Facebook " or Instagram,


Now for a few administrative notes about recent The Fountain Pen publications.

With this column I am returning to my Wednesday publication of my weekly column. During the past six weeks, I've been changing host servers.   What can go WRONG in such a move could and maybe, I should be written into a best-selling 400-page book.

Additionally, As part of the process I was to receive several email addresses. This didn''t happen. For the past three days the email service has been down as the host website tries to correct problems that refuse to make it work.

When corrected, I will announce the changes.

That's it. Until next time.