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Licence plates - A Boondoogle by Ford Government?

Web posted on February 18, 2020

I haven't seen any of the new licence plates the blue and white ones.

Yet, it seems they have created controversy in just a few days of release on Feb. 1. Shades of the Ford government's act first and back-off later policy. Although the pullback is yet to be announced.

A government spokesperson has stated the readability of the plates is being addressed.

Concerns have been made about the ability to read the number plates because someone has to be very close to read the plate distinctively.

Probably the most important concern was raised by a Kingston police officer who stated the plates can't be read properly at night. Queen's Park insists that police were consulted but private analysts don't accept that statement.  They believe the government only accepted data from the manufacturer.

This is a boondoggle that will cause police difficulty in locating stolen vehicles. In Guelph, it may also cause concern about parking in the downtown using automated licence plate reading technology.

The bottom line is the changeover to the new plates will make roads less safe. Impaired drivers will benefit because the likelihood of reporting a driver will become more difficult if only a description of a vehicle can be used to stop a suspect impaired driver.

I can also imagine that a bystander watching a robbery in progress might not be able to read the plates and report the registration to police.

What is likely to drive a change in the design of the new plates will be Highway 407. If the toll road can't read the plate for billing, it will carry more weight than all the protests generated by voters or police.

Meanwhile, if you find you have problems with the new plates call or write your MPP. Numbers count. The more people who complain, the more likely the Ford government will move quickly to replace the ugly new plates.

Watch this space.


I'm happy to report that Guelph Royal Lions Club fed nearly 200 people at its annual Family Day free pancake breakfast. Lions look forward to next year with hope more families will join them to celebrate the holiday.

That's it. Until next time.